Medical device education and training

Medical device education and training

Support for education and training of domestic medical equipment in Incheon

Incheon City, which is leading the domestic bio industry, is expected to play a pivotal role in the future along with synergy effects by selecting the related industry, the national public offering project for medical devices.

The Incheon Metropolitan Government announced on the 12th that it was finally selected for the “Project to Establish a Wide-Area Domestic Medical Device Education and Training Support Center” that was conspired by the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency under the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

This project was proposed by the Incheon Metropolitan Government to the Korea Health Industry Promotion Agency of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2020 to “build a medical device training center.” The purpose is to establish a dedicated infrastructure that can educate, train, and display domestic medical devices to provide use experiences to consumers such as medical staff and overseas students to activate purchases.

The city selected Incheon Techno Park (TP) as the host organization. It has formed a cooperative network with 21 hospitals such as Noters, Gachon University Hospital, Inha University Hospital, Incheon Medical Association, Incheon Dental Association, Korea Gastroenterological Endoscopic Research Foundation, and Korea Medical Device Industry Association. In addition, after writing a business plan reflecting opinions from all walks of life, he applied for the public offering project in April.

There are about 260 medical device producers in Incheon. This is only 3% of the total 7,200 in Korea, and it was in a poor situation compared to other competing local governments in terms of infrastructure.

Accordingly, the city expressed its strong will to develop the medical device industry from barren to central. As a result of making all-out efforts to select the project by establishing a cooperative system with private companies and promoting the project quickly, it was selected as a great achievement.

The support center will use the Noters Co., Ltd. facility, and a total of 15.8 billion won will be spent on the project, including 6.25 billion won in state funds, for five years until 2026. Here, projects such as operating education and training programs for domestic medical devices (building support centers), establishing usability evaluation infrastructure, supporting permanent exhibitions and marketing links, and linking medical device industry comprehensive support centers will be promoted.

Active support for medical device education and training

Considering that most domestic medical device producers are having difficulty developing products and developing markets due to their small and small scale, and many medical staff are turning a blind eye to domestic medical devices due to lack of experience in use, the city plans to push ahead with the project as soon as possible.

Through this project, the city expects that establishing an infrastructure dedicated to user compatibility tests for medical device producers and providing domestic medical device use experience to domestic medical staff and overseas trainees will greatly contribute to changing awareness of domestic medical devices, developing markets, and revitalizing industries.

Seo Byung-jo, head of Incheon Techno Park, the project organizer, said, “The medical device industry has been highly dependent on overseas imports, but I am happy to create a foothold for the domestic market to grow together with this project.”

He then stressed, “We will make efforts to create a healthy ecosystem of the domestic medical device industry by creating a fund worth KRW 1 trillion and attracting a large number of bio-health-related companies such as Incheon Bio-Tech Cluster and medical device companies.”

Cho In-kwon, head of the job economy division of the city, said, “With the selection of the public offering project, Incheon will be able to create an infrastructure to foster a new medical device industry,” adding, “As Incheon has been making great efforts to grow into a global bio city, we will spare no support for the development of the domestic medical device industry.”

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2022 글로벌 정보통신기술 미래유니콘 육성사업 15개사 최종 선정

미래 유니콘 육성사업의 마스코트 사진

과학기술정보통신부가 2022년 글로벌 정보통신기술 미래유니콘 육성사업(ICT GROOW 사업)에 최종 선정된 15개 기업을 발표했다.

© GDJ, 픽사베이 출신

글로벌 정보통신기술 미래유니콘 육성사업(ICT GROOW project)은 글로벌 성장 가능성이 높은 정보통신기술(ICT) 융합분야 유망 중소벤처기업을 발굴하고 해외진출, 제공 등 종합적인 지원을 제공한다.f 펀드(투자/대출)를 통해 미래 유니콘 기업을 육성하는 사업이다.

2020년 처음 시작된 이 사업은 총 30개의 미래 유니콘 기업을 선정해 지원, 투자유치 2607억원, 매출 2490억원, 일자리 창출 810명, 특허출원 및 등록 450여개의 성과를 거뒀다.

올해 공모전은 인공지능(AI), 소프트웨어(SW), 사물인터넷(IoT) 등 다양한 정보통신기술(ICT) 분야 기업들이 지원했다*. 마침내, 회사들이 선택되었다.

© GDJ, 픽사베이 출신

미래유니콘 육성사업에 선정된 15개 업체는 다음과 같다.


주요 제품 및 서비스


∎ 머신러닝 효율성 플랫폼

랩 앤 피플

∎ 박막 생분해성 생체금속 소재


∎ 스마트 화재 재난 솔루션

링글 영어 교육 서비스

∎ 비대면 온라인 오피교육 서비스

베스텔라 랩

∎ 자율주행차 주차 내비게이션 솔루션

포트폴리오를 유지하다

∎ 오피사이트 서비스 중계 플랫폼

보안 편지

∎ 랜섬웨어 전자 메일 탐지 솔루션

아토리 검색

∎ 실시간 사고 및 돌발상황 자동인식 인공지능 알고리즘

웨인 힐스 브라이언트 A.i.

∎ 텍스트 영상 데이터 자동 편집, 인공지능 시스템


∎ 지능형 모빌리티 센서 및 솔루션


∎ 자율주행 인공지능 데이터 관리 서비스

키튼 플래닛

∎ 증강현실을 활용한 아동용 디지털 구강관리 서비스


∎ IoT 센서를 활용한 AI 객체 인식 소프트웨어

원 패스

∎ 외화전자금융서비스플랫폼

벨로우즈 가능

∎ 스마트폰/반도체 패키지 본딩 소재


선정된 기업은 과학기술정보통신부, 정보통신산업진흥원, 신용보증기금, 한국통신사업자협회 등 유관기관과의 민관협력을 통한 신용보증, 투자유치 연계, 성과보증보험 지원 등이다.n, 본투글로벌센터, 서울보증보험, 해외 지역 보육 프로그램 등이 지원된다.

신용보증기금은 3년간 최대 100억원의 신용보증을 제공하고, 한국통신사업자협회는 한국정보통신기술기금(KIF)을 통해 벤처캐피털(VC) 투자유치 기회를 제공하며, SGI서울보증은 기업성과보증을 제공한다.이보험은 보장 한도 확대와 보험료 할인 혜택을 지원한다.

© 제랄트, 픽사베이 출신

또한 본투글로벌센터(B2G)는 제품 현지화(PMF, Product-Market Fit) 상담을 통해 해외진출을 위한 사전 역량을 강화하고 있으며 정보통신산업진흥원은 해외 거점(미국·싱가포르·베트남 해외)을 두고 있다. IT지원센터 등), 현지 전문가의 육아·상담(멘토링), 현지 파트너와의 매칭 등 해외 현지 프로그램 등이 해외 프로그램을 통해 선정된 기업이 글로벌 유니콘 기업으로 성장할 수 있는 기회를 제공한다.

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15 선택한 회사 세부 정보

일련 번호



주요 성과


※ 대표 : 채명수

■ 설립일 : 2015.6

location 위치: 대전 유성구

ㅇ 주요 제품: 머신러닝 효율성 플랫폼

■ 기술구분 : 인공지능(AI)

ㅇ 누적 투자유치 273억원

  • 네이버 D2SF, 카카오인베스트먼트, 삼성SDS, LG CNS의 전략적 투자 유치

selected 한국 AI 스타트업 100(’21’)으로 선정

selected NVIDIA Metropolis 파트너(’21’)로 선정됨

partners Intel, Nvidia, Axis, AWS, ARM, SK Telecom, Samsung SDS, LG CNS(2020)와의 파트너십

european 유럽(독일), 미국(캘리포니아) 법인 설립(2020)


랩 앤 피플

※ 대표 : 조성윤

■ 설립일 : 2016.1

location 위치: 경기도 양주

main 메인 프로드

Opedu Education, I recommend it to people like this!

Opedu Education-1

Domestic is small! Someone who is always curious about the culture and news of many countries around the world
A person who is happy to help someone and becomes more synergistic when he or she is with his or her colleagues
A person who is confident of sufficient work performance while maintaining self-improvement and work-life balance
a numerical enterprise
The year of 2018
selected by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
2018 “Work-life balance practice company.”

Nine years
Opedu Study Center won first place in the category of first brand study abroad company
a suspicious number of times

20 of them
Number of domestic and foreign branches

7,479 viewers
Through Opedu, I went to a foreign university
the number of students admitted

748 million won
Through the Hanbit Nuri Foundation in 2018, Opedu
Amount of funds supported

The business field

a talent group that changes the world with education

Opedu Education is a company specializing in studying abroad service established in 2000. Opedu provides study abroad consulting to customers who are considering going to overseas universities through the Opedu Study Center, a comprehensive study abroad information portal brand, and guides them on the road map and study abroad preparation guide. It is also establishing close partnerships with more than 70 official admissions offices for prestigious universities abroad. Opedu Education also won the Korea First Brand Grand Prize for nine consecutive years based on the reliability of 7,462 overseas universities and graduate schools from 2013 to 2018.

Specialized art study abroad
to provide professional consulting
Opedu Education provides differentiated services from the study abroad information necessary for general study abroad, other art, and design fields. Collecting and providing up-to-date information on related universities, including systematic portfolio reduction services. In addition, it acts on behalf of various university applicants as an official admission support center that has been delegated all applications related to university admission. In addition, regular admissions briefings and individual interviews are held and personalized curriculums are formed with professional instructors to provide constant checks and feedback so that customers can write an optimal portfolio.

Customers discover their dreams,
help someone grow
Opedu Education will hold the largest international language training fair in Korea every year, starting with the 2012 British Study Fair. Through this, it is to deliver the latest educational information such as language training, studying abroad, and working holidays to customers. In particular, the fair provides 1:1 consulting services with experts related to studying abroad as well as information on overseas education programs.

Corporate culture
” Benefits that satisfy both self-improvement and work-life balance

Annual use rate of 108%
an open atmosphere that uses annual leave without being aware of it
a refreshing vacation
Provision of 2 weeks of paid leave depending on the number of years of service
Unplegged Day
If you want to go home, you can go home
“Half-and-half days off” provided
Opedu Knowledge Yard
The best-selling author of the book I read
I’m giving a lecture at the company
Happy birthday
On your family’s birthday,
Please deliver it
Book purchase fee support
Of course, I bought books with my colleagues
Let’s enjoy the Opedu reading session!
Reward for outstanding employees
Every year, the employee who was selected as the MVP,
I give you money for overseas travel
Family Day
Invite employees’ children to provide gifts
You can go home early
Housing Loan Support
Housing expenses for employees’ living security
I’m applying
a fruit party
Insufficient in fresh seasonal fruits twice a week
I recharge my vitamins
Support for team meeting expenses
I support the team meeting twice a month.m
Working environment
Communication-oriented working environment that breaks stereotypes about the rigid study center
See description below
Standing in the middle of Gangnam!
There are headquarters, study abroad center, and language school at Gangnam Station
See description below
a spacious and warm lounge
A spacious lounge with a super-large teddy bear and a beanbag cushion
See description below
Same space as my kitchen
an open pantry in the Irish dining room
See description below
a neon sign slogan
Young and vibrant Opedu’s trendy interior
See description below
I enjoy playing games
Work efficiency with a short break!
See description below
a best-selling bookcase
I’ve got a staff-required book at the entrance to the office
See description below
Seminar Room
We communicate in a seminar room like a gallery
See description below
Landmark illustrations in each city revitalize the atmosphere of work
Type of talent

Passion for Client
To drive the customer’s customers
a man of passion

Results through Teamwork
Rather than individual performance, through the team,
a person who prioritizes performance

Strive for Excellence
Through constant self-learning,
I want to show my perfection as a professional
a man after

Real interviews with HR managers

Kim Seo-kyung, HR Manager of Opedu Education

What do you focus on when recruiting talent?
The talent Opedu Education wants to work with is someone who can say yes to the question, “Is he a person with a desire to grow through continuous learning?” In fact, our company has a lot of employees who have been learning and growing for a long time in work and other fields. There are employees who make plastic models and participate in sales exhibitions in Japan, and employees who are from American university skiers and are currently promoting swimming clubs in the company. As such, Opedu Education is a company with a ‘learning atmosphere’ where all employees work in various fields. And we put more importance on teamwork than individuals. It depends on the nature of the job, but overall, Opedu often collaborates with the team. In this environment, communication is a necessary skill that can be solved through conversation, right?
Work-life balance and benefits seem to vary widely. Is there another special welfare system?
Actually, there’s nothing special. It only faithfully implements childbirth and shorter childcare hours that are institutionalized by the law. However, Opedu has a well-established organizational culture where you can use all of this without looking around. Employees’ vacation use is highly recommended because they think it is not a “work gap” but a “time to recharge.” They also give you eight Play Coupons a year. Through this, they also buy books and cakes from their parents. In particular, if you use the unplugged day coupon, you can get off work 2 hours early and have your own time without running out of vacation on the day you want.
Recruitment Process
Recruitment timing – [Frequent recruitment]
Recruitment process
Job interview
Like helping a younger brother who is studying
gently working
Lee Hyunseung, a consultant studying abroad
Opedu Education Study Consultant
Mini Interview
Hello, I’m Lee Hyun-seung, the team leader of Opedu Education who is in charge of studying abroad consultant. I am in charge of consulting clients who want to study abroad or study languages. This job is perfect for me, who likes to meet new people and travel. I like to interact with various countries around the world through overseas branches and help customers who challenge their dreams like my brother, so I don’t get stressed by the 24-hour Kakao Talk alarm.

I heard that you won the MVP award in recognition of your work performance.
Last year, he received the “Opedu Award” given to the company’s MVP for his good work performance and went to the “Malta Week Language Training” as an injury. I think I was able to achieve good work results because I wasn’t stressed by my work itself. All the clients who come to consult are just nosy and nosy (laugh). I’ve gotten so close that I still keep in touch with my friends who consulted me. Every time I meet my friends who get a job around the world and live their dream lives, I feel rewarded for my work.

What kind of job is a study abroad consultant suitable for?
It is a job suitable for those who enjoy helping someone rather than those who need a strict separation of time and work and life. Also, if you are an extrovert and not tired of getting to know new people, you will be able to work more efficiently. Responsibility is also essential because it involves important decisions from customers. Above all, if you have experience studying abroad, it will help you a lot in practice! Many of the experiences of studying abroad become assets and the details of counseling change.

Please give advice to a job seeker who dreams of becoming a study abroad consultant.
After making a big resolution to study abroad, try to think of a helpless customer as if it were a job or a family business. In particular, I would recommend this job to women who are worried about career breaks due to childbirth. I also plan to work for the rest of my life so that those who plan to study abroad can find me more as word of mouth spreads that “study abroad is definitely Lee Hyun-seung.”

With charming copying,
winning with accurate information
Assistant Manager Bora, content planner of overseas study products
Opedu Communication Content Team
Mini Interview
Hello, I’m Manager Lee Bora from Opedu Communication Content Team. I am in charge of planning and delivering contents that are easy for students to understand about degree study abroad and short- and long-term language training courses in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Rather than the endless tension in competition, it is very fun to create content to guide students to challenge their dreams on the world stage.

I’m curious about the daily schedule of the content planner.
Every day, I check what issues are in the Asian and European consumer markets by watching KOTRA’s overseas market news or world news covered by the media. Let’s be more alert about news from certain countries related to company services. Only when you know the current status of each country can you appeal with accurate information and effective copies of the overseas study products in that country. I always try to plan fresh content by analyzing competitors’ marketing points or content or communicating with the sales team.

What do you think is the most important part when planning the contents of the overseas study product?
It’s about accurate information and attractive copying. The contents of the degree study abroad product carefully organize the storyline to help customers make choices that can dramatically change their career and life. In order to deliver error-free information, we go through numerous reviews until we present the product page. Even after the opening, we renew the product with constant feedback. This series of processes is a long-term race, so you need to be patient. And it is also important to create a vivid and attractive story about the experiences that are available locally.