All about tanning machine and tanning lotion for successful tanning shop establishment (feat.Tanmonster’)


Eplus Korea, which operates the premium tanning shop Tan Monster, announced that it will sell the premium tanning device Ergoline’s latest stand tanning machine 7200 LED at a limited quantity discount.

Tacoma tanning and Brazilian waxing (feat.Tanmonster’)

Eplus Korea Co., Ltd. is the exclusive Korean distributor of Ergoline in Germany and the exclusive Korean importer of premium American tanning lotions such as Australian Gold and Designer Skin.

The latest version of the Ergoline 7200 LED, which is running a discount event, is an upgraded version of the existing device, and a beauty light is installed between the tanning lamps to minimize damage to the skin and enhance the tanning effect. It is an excellent tanning machine to relieve the biggest concerns of tanners about dry skin and skin damage.

In addition to the advantage of being able to meet the best tanning machines at a discounted price, we are providing various systems for the establishment and operation of a tanning shop without burden. You can purchase tanning equipment using the lease program, and when you purchase a machine, it issues a wholesale mall membership where you can purchase famous tanning products such as Australian Gold, Designer Beauty, and Swedish Beauty. In addition, we guarantee the after-sales service of a professional tanning machine engineer for one year after purchase.

Inquiries about tanning equipment and start-ups can be registered through the website and can be quickly consulted, and telephone counseling is also available from 9:00 to 6:00 on weekdays.