“I’m looking for a companion to go to Europe with.”Exempting quarantine, ‘College student’s dream’ backpacking activity

“I can’t go abroad for more than 2 years due to COVID-19”.Expectations are high for exemption from quarantine

Inquiries are also increasing in the European and Southeast Asian travel communities…Active exchange of travel information

Kim, 25, who was discharged from the military last month, made plans to travel abroad and gathered his friends as soon as he heard the news of the exemption from self-quarantine on the 7th. Three friends, who had been itching to travel long distances for more than two years, also willingly participated. The four decided to go on a 40-day backpacking trip to Europe, including France, Switzerland and Italy, in May.

As overseas entrants who have been vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine are exempted from quarantine on the 7th, overseas backpacking, which is the dream of college students, is gaining vitality.

They spent their school days in a dark time when the romance of the campus disappeared, with most of the classes being non-face-to-face due to the COVID-19 incident. There are also many college students who have graduated or entered the job front without implementing backpacking plans.

University students, who suppressed their desire to travel, also show that they will solve it with a “revenge trip.” Song (22, female), a college student, said, “I saved some money from my part-time job, but I had nowhere to spend because of COVID-19,” adding, “I plan to travel to Europe this summer and I am looking for a friend to join.”

There have also been many articles online looking for overseas travel companions. On the bulletin board of the travel community “Wandering,” where European travelers gathered, 102 related articles were posted on the 21st when self-isolation was lifted.
There were only 50 to 60 related posts in the middle of this month. There are various contents such as “I’m looking for someone to go on a month trip with,” “Someone to share accommodation,” “Someone to watch soccer together,” and “Someone to eat at OO restaurant.”

Most European countries are not obliged to self-isolate, so there is no problem entering the country with just documents. Britain can travel even if it is unvaccinated, and France only needs a certificate of vaccination. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Belgium can also enter the country with a negative certificate or vaccination certificate.

Traveling Europe on foot

Interest in Southeast Asia, another sacred place for backpacking, is also growing again. More than 40 questions were posted on “Taesarang,” a community of Southeast Asian travelers, on the 21st alone. Most of the articles share information necessary for actual travel, such as flights, accommodation, and quarantine guidelines. This is a sharp increase from about 10 posts in the middle of this month.

Similar questions and information are exchanged in other Southeast Asian travel communities.

However, Southeast Asia has more difficult entry conditions than Europe. Thailand needs a vaccination certificate, a PCR negative certificate issued 72 hours before departure, and traveler’s insurance, and PCR tests are required immediately after entering the country and on the 5th day of entry, respectively. Vietnam also requires voice confirmation, English vaccination certificate, and traveler’s insurance.