Scented aromatherapy… ‘This person’ is dangerous

And there are many people who go to aromatherapy to change their mood in cloudy weather. Aromatherapy is a therapy that makes the body healthy by absorbing oils extracted from plants into the human respiratory system or skin. It is effective in reducing depression and anxiety. However, you need to be careful as there may be allergic reactions or pigmentation depending on the ingredients of the oil used for aromatherapy.

Choose an oil based on the ingredients and circumstances

Aroma oil is usually made by mixing 2 or 3 types, so you must understand the efficacy of each component. This is because some oil components are toxic and can even cause shock in early pregnant women or those with underlying diseases such as epilepsy. In particular, peppermint, rosemary, and geranium promote menstruation and affect hormonal control in pregnant women. Eucalyptus, commonly used for arthritis and respiratory diseases, can cause headaches in rhinitis patients. Professor Kim Jong-rye of Sungshin Women’s University’s Graduate School of Beauty Convergence said, “It is also important to dilute the oil and do an allergy test on the inside of the neck or arm to see if the ingredients are right for you.”

On the other hand, if you apply citrus oil and expose it to sunlight, you need to be careful as it can cause pigmentation on the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to apply citrus oils such as limes and grapes 6 hours before going out. You should also avoid spraying lemon-based aroma oil spray to wake you up while driving. In broad daylight, lemons can react to sunlight and cause irritation to the skin.

It is not good to use the same oil for a long time. Professor Kim Jong-rye said, “If the same oil is used for a long time, toxicity accumulates in the liver and kidneys.

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Relief of depression in cancer patients, risk for atopic skin

Aromatherapy is also effective in reducing anxiety in cancer patients. A study found that when 17 cancer patients in a hospice ward were treated with lavender aroma for 60 minutes, positive changes in depression, blood pressure, and pulse were induced.

On the other hand, if you have atopic dermatitis, it is safe to avoid aromatherapy. In a study on patients suffering from atopic eczema, it was found that if aromatherapy was continued for more than 8 weeks, the atopic dermatitis was exacerbated. In this case, it is better to use an oil burner (a device that spreads the scent of oil with heat) or a diffuser that can indirectly see the effect of aroma.