Web Developer Job Characteristics and Curriculum

Web developer craze

These days, when the developer craze is blowing, there are a lot of people who find out about the job and move to get a job.

However, if you do not know the job well and take up the challenge, you may not be suitable for your aptitude.

This is because there is a big difference in the difficulty of work, etc., depending on the nature of the job.

Currently, web developers are divided into front-end and back-end, and their responsibilities are also slightly different.

And the curriculum is a little different.

Therefore, even if developers are the most popular occupations for employment, it is necessary to learn and understand them well before entering the job market.

This is because you can walk the path of a programmer that suits you only when you accurately classify the job content and competency you need to digest according to the job title.

Companies also do not hire simply because they are good at development.

Because we select students who are well equipped with basic skills in their chosen field!

Please pay attention to this part.

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Web developer front-end job group is responsible for implementing the visible screen.

A similar job title is a web publisher, mainly dedicated to UI and UX, such as buttons, apps, and web screens that users face.

So, it can be seen that the job category is mainly focused on making the process of “User Input -> Execute Function” more user-friendly.

The web developer backend mainly manages servers, builds databases, and develops API servers.

What they do is create a process and implement the app for any environment that users can write to.

It is more difficult than the front-end because the overall design, implementation, and database management are also in the job.

Therefore, it can be quite difficult for non-majors to advance into this field.

In building an app or web, it is to lay the foundation for the entire process, so there are many things to understand, such as the overall development process, language characteristics, and coding.

​​If non-majors study with the goal of development, how about learning step by step from the front-end?

Even if you do the same development, you don’t even have to build a complex server, and you only need to implement the actions that focus on design, UI, and user experience, so the learning difficulty is relatively low.

​And it has the advantage of being convenient for learning after strengthening the basic knowledge of the development group.

In other words, through the continuity of learning, you can learn and find a job through a relatively easy curriculum from basic development languages ​​to using HTML and CSS3 development tools before getting a job.

What are the basic skills for this job? It is the acquisition of a development language.

This is because you need to know the grammar structure, function processing method, and source code configuration order of each language to implement the correct function.

Web developer basic development languages ​​include C, C++, C#, and Java.

This language is a development language that even incumbents consider important.

This is because the C language system is the basis of all programming and is something that beginners should learn.

Java is currently the most used language by Korean developers and almost all web and app related industries.

And it has the advantage of being able to easily learn the theory and functions, and that it can produce good results with little code input compared to other development tools.

As you develop your skills, you can also learn JSP, a server-side scripting language, to improve your skills.

Therefore, if you dream of becoming a developer, you must know the C language system and Java to have the knowledge to work in the field.

After acquiring the basic knowledge, you can learn the professional employment process in earnest.

The web developer employment process is web programming, and those who have learned practical development languages ​​can learn data input/output, MVC model design, and project planning and execution using the main programs HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

In other words, you can learn job training related to the front-end job, which is not difficult to access even among web programmers.

This process takes about 8 months in total.

However, the prospects are good as more and more companies, content producers, and shopping malls are looking for the manpower in industries where user responsiveness is important these days.

Therefore, it is a good idea to carefully review the curriculum of specialized educational institutions such as the Brand New Design Academy and discuss with the person in charge about which course to take first.

​Curriculum sequencing planning begins by figuring out what the industry is demanding.

The web developer job group is selected based on ability.

And the seniority system does not apply to the IT industry.

If you have your own abilities, you can not only get an early promotion, but also aim for a higher job without having to attend for more than two years.

Not only that, but you can also work as a freelancer.

In order to do that, I would like to learn the development language first and build up basic skills.

C and Java are easy to learn from a beginner’s point of view.

Each curriculum can be learned sequentially from basic to complex grammatical structures.

The C language learns the basic structure, then learns important functions in order to understand variables, basic input/output methods, operators and functions.

In Java, starting with the JDK installation method and basic code testing, operators, control statements, arrays, constructors, overriding, and abstract classes are studied sequentially.

Web Developer Class Each course is designed to focus on a single topic for as little as 1 day or as long as 7 days.

Classes are taught by full-time instructors from incumbents so that they can understand concepts and source structures, and even practice on their own.

So, you can study all the things you need to get a job.

JSP and web programming, which are practical courses, are focused on learning the process used in actual work by applying the content learned in the course on a weekly basis.

The contents of the JSP practical class include object structure and exceptions, specifying error pages, talking with clients, uploading files, and JDBC interworking tests.

​Web programming is a curriculum to be reborn as a developer by sequentially studying basic objects, action tags, cookie sessions, Eclipse integration, and bulletin board production.

If you use it well, you can secure your skills as a programmer.

You can also study comfortably in a well-equipped self-study room and gain experience.

​At the end of the course, you can receive employment support at the target company depending on your educational achievement.

At this time, you will get a great help when writing a portfolio of individual works, a cover letter for a project, etc.

Therefore, rather than approaching that a developer is good and getting a job is good, it is better to know carefully what curriculum and development job group is right for me and respond.

​For your reference, during the study period, you can receive academic management stably through a 1:1 mentor.

​Now and in the future, the web developer job group will maintain a promising job position.

This is because the past has become a reality that is far from coming back.

So, based on the current trend, I would like you to properly find out about the occupation and approach it.