Introducing Opstar run magazine

Opstar run magazine is located in Seolleung-ro, Gangnam-gu.It is also called a bicycle massage and provides special services with more than 10 years of know-how. We provide the best quality and no damage luxury treatment and service.

The massage products used in Opstar run magazine use only natural herbal aromas oil products imported directly, and massage services are provided using products that are safe to use even for those with weak or allergic skin. Training and service inspection are conducted once a month to provide various therapy therapy and service mind of high quality massage massage suitable for Gangnam. To prevent COVID-19, we are also striving to prevent COVID-19, such as disinfecting the entire building and indoor disinfection every day, thorough personal hygiene education, checking the fever of all employees and all customers, entering, and wearing masks in the workplace.

Gangnam massage | Opstar run magazine system and price introduction

★ Massage manager: 20 people during the day and 50 people at night

★ Usage time: 365 days, 24 hours a day, year-round

★Inquiry method: Check the profile and course in the Opstar run magazine community.

If you ask me in the comments, I’ll give you a friendly and detailed explanation.

★ Price: You can use it cheaply by issuing membership coupons for Opstar run magazine. Watch out for blogging. There is a situation where you have to pay 50,000 to 100,000 won more for the same service. Attention, please!

★ Course: A variety of courses and discount events are available. An exclusive Opstar run magazine discount event is in progress.

Call us to learn more about the best service and events.

If there’s a phrase like this, just skip it. 100% solicitation

★ Service: Free pick-up service, free valet parking service, one-person sleeping room and lounge, sauna complete, 10 side dishes and instant noodles, Chapaghetti, beverages, and a reservation system to minimize waiting time.

We [Gangnam massage] [Opstar run magazine] do not accept advance payment or advance deposit.
Please note that all calls that induce prepayment are fraudulent by impersonating Opstar run magazine.

Opstarrunmagazine Handwritten Massage

Seolleung Massage | Opstar run magazine service

If you contact Opstar run magazine, I will tell you in detail and kindly.

Authentic single-time management (60 minutes)

Your questions are well explained in the Opstar run magazine.

Traditional two-time management

For more information, visit the Opstar run magazine profile.

Special management Two-time management
For more information, please contact Opstar run magazine.
2 managers relay management

For more information, please call Opstar run magazine to share your information.

If you called after seeing the Opstar run magazine, you can get a discounted price.