Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul hosts special exhibition “Art Vacation”


Andy Warhol and Takashi Murakami, pop art masters who meet at the hotel

Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul will hold a special exhibition “Art Vacation” for pop artists until August 5 at the lobby of the club building, an exhibition space in the hotel.
The special exhibition “Art Vacation,” a pop artist edition, is designed to provide an exhibition space in the hotel so that customers who visit Banyan Tree Seoul can enjoy cultural life.

The exhibition was prepared in collaboration with OPNB Spa Gallery Planet, and under the theme of pop art, Andy Warhol, a master of pop art, Takashi Murakami, a representative artist of Japanese contemporary art, and Julian Opie, who completed a new pop icon, will be on display.

In particular, the exhibition features a variety of works, including Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup Can and Flower series prints, Murakami Takashi’s Cosmos series, and David Hockney’s iPad drawings, which are considered the most popular and influential artists among modern artists.
Meanwhile, Banyan Tree Seoul has an exhibition space on the third floor of the club building to introduce the works of famous domestic and foreign artists and new artists such as art and photography. The special exhibition “Art Vacation” for pop artists will run from July 3 to August 5.