Introducing Gangnam Butterfly Office Site

butterfly 오피사이트

ButterflyOfficite leads the national trend beyond Gangnam.

It’s the No. 1 butterfly 오피사이트 in Gangnam . Our butterfly 오피사이트 is wide open 24 hours a day. There are many customers who visit the sleeping room on the weekend, so if it is fully booked, you may not be able to use it, but you can come and use it anytime on weekdays.

Our butterfly 오피사이트 will be picked up free of charge for those in Gangnam-gu, and those who are a little far away can also be picked up if there are enough drivers waiting.

I own a spacious parking lot and I also offer you a valet. We offer free meals and drinks to all customers who visit us. I hope you come anytime and have a fun and comfortable time. Thank you for your interest.

What is Butterfly 오피사이트 Office Massage Service?

Massage is to help blood circulation by tapping or rubbing your body with your hands.

  1. It stimulates blood vessels to help blood circulation and recover from fatigue.
  2. Gently stimulate lymph to help release waste.
  3. Discharge of waste products can make cells healthy and improve immunity.
  4. You can have a healthy break due to fatigue recovery and stress relief.
  5. It is a means of healing through muscle relaxation and contraction exercises.

    All stimuli pass through the blood, and soft stimuli help you recover from fatigue and release waste, so you can have a healthy rest.

Is there another healthy break time better than massage and massage that can help you recover from fatigue, take care of your health, and rest of your mind?

Our butterfly 오피사이트 massage has been located in Gangnam area for a long time. We provide employee training with various event options and service minds for a high revisit, and we will strive for 100% satisfaction. We are open 24 hours a day, so please feel free to call us anytime.

Benefits of Butterfly 오피사이트 Massage


From the Gangnam area to the outskirts, you can pick them up in one phone call. The beginning of healing is comfort.

Butterfly 오피사이트 MassageType

Massage of meridian

It is a natural therapy that stimulates acupuncture and meridian, which are considered as a channel of chi in Chinese medicine, with massage so that the channel of chi can be circulated smoothly without clogging. If the recipient has a lot of congestion and obstruction of the passage of acupuncture and meridian, it hurts even if you press it lightly.

Muscle massage

It’s a method of massaging the fascia and specific points of the muscle as if you’re pulling them directly. The fascia massage is a technique that not only circulates but also prevents the fascia that surrounds the muscles of our body from clumping or stagnating.

Lymph massage

It helps the lymphatic system, which transports toxins and wastes, circulate smoothly without clogging. It goes at a smooth, slow, and slow pace without any pressure.

Foot massage

The foot, called the microcosm of the five viscera, is closely related to the body’s organs. It is very effective in relieving foot fatigue by acupressure and stimulating the foot reflexes to facilitate blood circulation throughout the body.

Stone Massage

It’s a stone massage that’s very easy to get rid of waste. It is very effective in managing lower body edema and swelling.

Aroma massage

Select an aroma that can fill the customer’s deficiencies and apply the massage using the aroma oil.

Sports Massage

It has begun to be applied to the general public because it is the number of days of breaking the body with improper posture and habits, and it has a vast effect on the correction of distorted muscles.

Tie Massage

It is a Thai-originated massage and proceeds with the concept of stretching. Think of it as a comfortable stretching exercise while lying down.

It’s a 안마야 massage chair