OPOPLAN 오피 플런 (Run People Magazine)

The OPOPLAN 오피 플런 connects unique SPAs with therapy.

This is a search-optimized community site where you can find the OPOPLAN 오피 플런 Guide SPA & Therapy smartly.

The most preferred Swedish among the Opfron guides offer a variety of care programs, including wellness and therapy, which gently relaxes tired bodies.Considering your needs, this is a new concept site that connects you through strict custom designs. Opsite Ranking | OPOPLAN 오피 플런 dhvl Information | On the OPOPLAN 오피 플런 site, you can book and visit a variety of care services including aesthetic, Thai massage, aroma oil, meridian and more.This is a platform that connects massage, health massage, swaddish, therapy, spa and deep tissue massage to connect customer needs in a meta-verse format.Recently, OPOPLAN 오피 플런 is a rapidly emerging platform.Among the numerous massage therapy and spa companies in Korea, we will only introduce proven reviews with high satisfaction and accessibility for men and women of all ages.Pay attention to the new concept of the massage meta berth platform option.

Audit Events with Highest Production Plan Revisit Rate

OPOPLAN 오피 플런 Guide Partnership Anniversary Event

Conducting customer audit events.We offer a variety of discount promotions to reduce the burden of difficult times.Fraud cases will be changed at any time, so please contact us.

early-morning discount event
An event where you can buy it at a discounted price in the morning.

birthday event
20% off for birthdays (check your ID).

RENPEOPLE Alliance Review Discount Event
If you post a visit review on the Run People site, you will receive a 30,000 won discount coupon from Opista.

a free Americano offer
Hot & COOLAmericano coffee will be taken out free of charge.

Issuance of Cumulative Visit Coupons
One free service in 10 visits (60 minutes by default)

group discount event
If you have more than three people, we offer you a 10% discount event.

First Visit Customer Review Reservation Discount Event
If you promise to write a review for the first time, we will give you a discount coupon of 20,000 won at the op guide counter next time.

Newly Adopted Administrator Validation Event
Please get a massage from the new manager.We offer a 10% discount for customers who make reservations.When you write a review, we will offer you an additional 10% discount on your next visit.

Fish massage, play massage, and gain massage recommended by massage teachers

Fish and Gannam Play Massages consist of managers who have completed and licensed professional curriculums.They are competent teachers who accurately find muscle parts hardened by the senses of the hands, present various treatments, and advance the treatment process.Recently, more and more young people are looking for massage and treatment teachers.A fish massage teacher who specializes in Sweden, acupressure, aroma essential oil therapy, and Thai massage soothes tired body pain.If you make a reservation in advance, we can proceed without waiting.

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