Catering means – a service that provides meals in the form of a buffet

Catering means getting married outdoors, paying for food service on a cruise ship, hotel, etc., and it is easy to understand if you think of it as a business buffet.

In some cases, catering simply provides food, but depending on the location, you can rent tables, chairs, and equipment for an additional fee.

cater – The act of providing food to an event.

Since the hotel has a separate catering department, catering can also be said to be catering for events held inside or outside the hotel and ordering food as a group.


In the past, catering was reserved for wealthy people and was often used in luxury hotels and social gatherings, but it has recently developed into a service that provides meals for standing parties and various gatherings.

For those who value taste, use a restaurant that specializes in food, and where individuality is needed, let’s prepare a satisfying banquet through a party planner and expert.


Because consumers pay money to receive food, most hotels and wedding companies do not need to pay high prices unless it is a very important event to provide catering services.

check list

  • The nature of the event or meeting held
  • The gender and age of the invitees
  • Distinguish between standing and standing parties.
  • Is it a place that specializes in food?
  • What is the menu and price per person?
  • Check VAT and service charge
  • Public Holidays and Peak Season Pricing Information
  • Browse our company portfolio list
  • Judging by the actual photos

If you are receiving a catering service outdoors with tables and chairs, you can call a vehicle (food truck) designed for the purpose of providing food, so you only need to think about food and price.

Since there are many cases where people are not satisfied with the price, if it is a simple meeting, it may be more memorable to purchase rice cakes or sweets and drinks directly, display them, and give them a small gift later.

Basically, travel expenses are included, so in the case of small catering, satisfaction with the price is inevitably lower.

The low-priced catering service is not very satisfactory, so I’ve often thought that I would rather give out fast food food and give gifts, so I hope you make a wise choice.

I hope that many people will be satisfied with the service as much as it is used for a good cause!