All about tanning machine and tanning lotion for successful tanning shop establishment (feat.Tanmonster’)


Eplus Korea, which operates the premium tanning shop Tan Monster, announced that it will sell the premium tanning device Ergoline’s latest stand tanning machine 7200 LED at a limited quantity discount.

Tacoma tanning and Brazilian waxing (feat.Tanmonster’)

Eplus Korea Co., Ltd. is the exclusive Korean distributor of Ergoline in Germany and the exclusive Korean importer of premium American tanning lotions such as Australian Gold and Designer Skin.

The latest version of the Ergoline 7200 LED, which is running a discount event, is an upgraded version of the existing device, and a beauty light is installed between the tanning lamps to minimize damage to the skin and enhance the tanning effect. It is an excellent tanning machine to relieve the biggest concerns of tanners about dry skin and skin damage.

In addition to the advantage of being able to meet the best tanning machines at a discounted price, we are providing various systems for the establishment and operation of a tanning shop without burden. You can purchase tanning equipment using the lease program, and when you purchase a machine, it issues a wholesale mall membership where you can purchase famous tanning products such as Australian Gold, Designer Beauty, and Swedish Beauty. In addition, we guarantee the after-sales service of a professional tanning machine engineer for one year after purchase.

Inquiries about tanning equipment and start-ups can be registered through the website and can be quickly consulted, and telephone counseling is also available from 9:00 to 6:00 on weekdays.

A total cultural complex combined with a study cafe and a shared office. one’s determination

A total cultural complex combined with a study cafe and a shared office. one's determination

The study cafe and shared office brand Jaksim said it is aggressively expanding its direct management stores, saying it will compete with a total cultural space that combines study cafes and shared office spaces.

sharing office | shared office | public office

Direct management stores are directly founded and operated by the franchise headquarters, and professional know-how and experience in store operation should be supported. Jaksim currently operates more than 60 directly managed stores nationwide.​

An official from Jaksim said, “Jakshim launched a new total complex cultural space that combines study cafes and shared office spaces earlier this year and is supplying it to the market through continuous store start-ups. Most of Jaksim’s total cultural space, named “The Smaller,” is directly managed and plans to open about 50 stores by next year. The shared office market has grown significantly since the pandemic and is expected to continue to grow. Jaksim is also expanding its business area to the shared office market and strengthening investment in the shared office industry, he said. “Currently, the user ratio of Jaksim Study Cafe consists of students and adults, and the ratio of adult users exceeds 50%. In addition to learning purposes, many adults are visiting a study cafe to use it as a work space,” he added.

Meanwhile, Jaksim said that it is preparing for collaboration in various ways with companies that want to establish regional hub offices by making study cafes a shared office.

런피플, comfortable design


Clean interface 런피플

런피플 추천 focused on easy design with analog sensibilities rather than complex and glamorous designs.

We pursue user convenience with a clean interface that can be used with a single click.

A community differentiated from Officeta

A different dimension from the existing community

Increase the fun at various monthly events and take advantage of the characteristics of the community infrastructure

It has been complemented so that it can be easily used from the user’s point of view.

The night culture is “런피플”

Run secretly in the night culture, “런피플”

Complementing the inconvenience of using other communities such as existing offices and office guides,

With a user-based interface, both vendors and users can conveniently use desktop / mobile anytime, anywhere.

Trader shortcut

런피플, various vendors & reviews

Experience reviews with various vendors at Ram People

We will deliver a variety of runs with new profiles and reviews that are updated daily.

We constantly research and strive to revitalize the community.

Run People, the trademark of the Run People site.


Let’s introduce Run People who have 10 years of history and tradition.

Runpeople opsite, official Runpeople star The Korea Runpeople 런피플 site operates like Runpeople Garney and Runpeople Guide. Runpeople star is (Runpeople art, Runpeople girl, Runpeople girl, Runpeople view, Runpeople view, Runpeople view, night, night, Adal, Budal, Bubbi, Beetle, Night, Night, Night, Batap, Night, Night, Night, Badal, Night, Night, Badal, Badal.Go to the official Runpeople address domain. Runpeople Star provides Runpeople company introduction services for each region in Gangnam, Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi, Gwangju, Jeolla, Daejeon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Busan, Ulsan, and Jeju.








Runpeople Among the Runpeople sites currently in existence, it is loved by many people during quick reservation services and internal injury prevention monitoring.In addition, there is a Runpeople community space where you can share the characteristics and explanations of Runpeople culture in each region, as well as tips and notes on therapy.We only recruit affiliated Runpeople companies that have been validated and certified based on various factors such as service quality and customer satisfaction to provide higher quality service.And the Runpeople star is a running information Runpeople community site, divided into two teams for internal reasons in 2020, and is currently operating as two sites.There are many fraudulent sites, and they receive service after booking through fake sites.The official Runpeople star is also active in the community and can read a variety of information.

Opstar 오피스타

Opstar 오피스타

“Opstar 오피스타 has verified discount store information on its official office Twitter account.”

Opstar 오피스타 Information

Official Guide, 879 likes · 777 were here. Address:, opstar. Seoul, South Korea.
Business hours: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., service options: 20% discount rights, cost rights, free coupon offers.

Defense of Opstar 오피스타 DDoS

It also supports Opstar 오피스타 DDoS defense and DDoS defense solutions, but the effect is very excellent. In fact, it was hit by a super-large DDoS attack of over 400 Gbps on an official French website, which was successfully defended by Cloudflare. When applying the solution, it is determined by adding a 5-second delay to determine whether the connection is a malicious connection. Applies when activating ‘Under Attack Mode’. In addition, there are many other web optimization technologies, and the cloud server takes care of everything if you connect to the cloud flare server the same way as other DNS is used. For example, it allows Minify without additional work on the server, or Mirage is available from the Pro Plan, but it automatically resizes images that match the resolution according to the device of the Opstar 오피스타 user.

Opstar 오피스타 error

There are many cases of errors while accessing the website. In the case of a brief cloud flare operation due to an attack, since it is the No. 1 official site in Korea, there are attacks and operations that try to overload the Opstar 오피스타 server with DDOS and traffic around it. However, it is intended to make users use it without any inconvenience with a thorough barrier system.

오피스타 Cloud Flare

Companies and headquarters that provide Opstar 오피스타 Cloud Flare, CDN and DNS services are located in San Francisco, USA. The Opstar 오피스타 website has become one of the strongest in the Internet industry, with one in five using Cloud Flare’s reverse proxy service and DNS servers. The CDN service used by Opstar 오피스타 is cloud flare and is using enterprise plans. As of April 2021, there are 209 data centers including Seoul, South Korea. There are free plans, pro plans, business plans, and enterprise plans, and free plans are available. Cloud Flare’s services are mainly used in places that provide services to the world or are frequently attacked by DDoS, and the number of sites is more than hundreds of thousands. Therefore, it is also under major attack and is defending it from the front line. It is common for routes to be re-designated frequently due to so many attacks, and the status of servers in each region can be checked through the Cloudflare status page.

오피스타 Applications

It provides enterprises with an integrated control plane that can deliver security, performance, and reliability across Opstar 오피스타 applications, hybrid and cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. The company’s product offerings are classified into performance and reliability, advanced security, Cloudare for Developers, video streaming and delivery, and Opstar 오피스타 domain registration. It provides services to various industries such as games, SaaS, e-commerce, media and entertainment, the public sector, utilities, state and local governments. The Rockefeller family’s venture capital firm Benrock attracted Series A to grow the company, and still holds a 5 percent stake in Benrock. Baillie Gifford, known for its high-growth stocks in its portfolio, is the largest shareholder with a stake of about 11%, and is also included in ARKK’s Opstar 오피스타 portfolio, although it has a smaller share than before. CDN Opstar 오피스타 services are provided using cache servers scattered around the world, including Seoul, and restrictions are imposed on each contract plan.


The Opigny service and SSL service are available only when the cloud flare CDN feature is enabled in DNS settings, and surprisingly, they are available from the free plan. You can use it with just a few clicks without having to issue an SSL certificate. In the case of a free plan, general-purpose SSL can be used if you wait 24 hours after setting up, and in the case of a plan or higher, general SSL can be used immediately after setting up. It also supports HTTP/2, HTTP/3 (QUIC) by default. There was a problem that general purpose SSL did not work with Windows XP and browsers. As both the corresponding OS and browser were discontinued, it became not an important issue. It is important to note that if the Opstar 오피스타 withdrawal SSL setting is Flexible, the connection between the client and Cloudflare is encrypted, but the connection between Cloudflare and the source server is not encrypted.

Prevention of eavesdropping

Opstar 오피스타 eavesdropping prevention and connection encryption are important functions of SSL, which is a serious defect. There is also the fact that the NSA eavesdropped on Google’s unencrypted data center network, and encryption of connections across all sections is important. In addition, it gives the illusion that it is safe for users who log in to Opstar 오피스타, so there are many security experts who hate this function. For SSL/TLS settings, it is recommended to set the full mode to full mode when applying a certificate issued by a valid certificate authority on a web server, and to full mode when applying only a self-signed certificate.

Opstar 오피스타Mobile

As mentioned above, the flexible mode is only a kind of trick using Cloudflare’s CDN technology because the connection between the original server and Cloudflare is not encrypted, so it is desirable to refrain from using it as much as possible. The Always Online™ Opstar 오피스타 Mobile service shows cached content stored on the cloud flare CDN server even when the server is down. Therefore, it is cached once a week in the free plan, once every three days in the pro plan, and every day in the business plan. Although Rigveda Wiki’s server went down in 2015 due to the privatization of Rigveda Wiki, this technology also allowed access to some pages such as FrontPage. Cloudflare Railgun™ service is a technology that compresses up to 99.6% of data that is available from business plans and cannot be cached from servers to cloud flare CDN networks. It can be used if you purchase a business plan, or if your hosting company has partnered with a cloud player. However, in order to properly utilize this service, setting work is required on the Office Start Twitter server.

Introducing Gangnam Butterfly Office Site