안마야 massage chair

안마야 massage chair

How to use the 안마야 massage chair correctly if it is used incorrectly 당신이 찾던 주소

A 안마야 massage chair and 안마야 massage chair that are effective for releasing tight muscles or relieving muscle tension.

When I come home with my tired body and sit on the 안마야 massage chair, it seems that fatigue and pain disappear.

However, if you do not use the 안마야 massage chair in the right way, it can worsen your health.

Today, let’s take a look at how to use the 안마야 massage chair correctly with the health channel Hazago.

The 안마야 massage chair can have a massage effect when used correctly. However, it should be used with the knowledge that it can only temporarily reduce pain and cannot be a fundamental treatment.

First of all, adjust the strength of the 안마야 massage chair.

Occasionally, I think that the stronger the 안마야 massage chair, the better the massage effect. If you increase the strength of the 안마야 massage chair when your muscles are severely strained, you may have the opposite effect of making your muscles more tense. In addition, tolerating pain in the presence of pain or excessively intense massage activates the sympathetic nervous system and raises blood pressure.

Even if you receive a strong massage while your muscles are tense due to exercise, alcohol, or sleep edema, your blood pressure may rise. When a strong vibration is applied around the neck during massage, the head may shake and the stomach may feel uncomfortable. Therefore, when using the 안마야 massage chair, set it to a level that does not cause pain.

If you have spinal disease, you should avoid using the 안마야 massage chair.

For people with spinal disorders, the use of a anmaya massage chair can be rather toxic. In particular, it is recommended to avoid the use of massage for patients with spinal instability, where the disc and ligaments degenerate and the arrangement of the spinal nodes becomes unstable. If the 안마야 massage chair is used for a long time, the vertebrae may be misaligned and the spinal canal through which nerve bundles pass may be narrowed or a fracture of the vertebrae may occur.

Also, it is not recommended to use the Anmaya massage chair by those who have had spinal surgery such as spinal fixation. This is because the process of massaging the spinal muscles stimulates the spinal fixation, which can cause the pins to loosen or fall out. If you have a spinal disorder, you should refrain from using the 안마야 massage chair because the method of tapping and massaging the left and right muscles of the vertebrae can damage the area of ​​previous spinal injury and lead to injury.

안마야 힐링 멀티케어

Be sure to read the user manual

When choosing a 안마야 massage chair, you should not simply consider the price and function, but check whether a customized massage is possible because the intensity or massage area control is subdivided. Before use, be sure to read the instruction manual and make a decision after consulting with a doctor in case of children, pregnant women, the elderly, diseases or abnormalities in the body.

It is preferable to use the 안마야 massage chair at low strength for a long time rather than using it for a short time at high strength.

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